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 Latest news:

I'm STILL working on my next album but were almost done with the recording and mixing now. It's gonna be no less than fantastic:-) Hopefully it will be finished this summer.

I am almost done writing the new songs for the next album. It's gonna be great and by far the strongest I have made. I expect the album to be finished at the end of the summer. Until then you can see the Tv-portrait (produced by Danish television) about me and my music with english subtitles here.

"Everything Is Balance" is finished and I am extremely pleased with the result. The album will be released in Denmark the 5'th of February. The release-date in Spain is yet to be decided. However, it will probably be by the end of March.
Among other things, you can sample the songs from the new album in here and watch the brand new musicvideo for "King Oliver" .

I have started the recordings of my second album. For now the title is: "Everything Is Balance", and it's gonna include 11 new numbers. It will be released in Denmark by "National Masterpiece Library" and in Spain by "Popchild".
I'm hoping for release in the early part of 2007.

I have been signed by the the Spanish Record-label, Musicmagazine and Radiostation "Popchild" who are promoting and distributing my Album which will now be available in Spainish stores also.
You can also get "Missed" as a ringtone for your mobilphone at "Movichild".


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